You have secured our financial future by providing us a retirement plan that keeps up with inflation and it has been performing according to plan for four years.  We thank you,

John and Carol D


You have created a retirement plan composed of Fixed indexed Annuities, ’Be Your Own Beneficiary’ Life Insurance and an insurance policy that has enable us to pay off our debt two years faster than planned.  We will certainly have as much income in retirement as during our working years.  And our income increases with the stock market.  We thank you for your efforts and follow-up.

Derrell and Galan T


John introduced me to ‘Be Your Own Beneficiary’ Life Insurance.  It has taken me some time to wrap my head around it.  Now that I understand the policy, it is unreal why people are not knocking his door down, I appreciate the time you have spent with me.

Arvind D


John has introduced us to ‘Be Your Own Beneficiary’ Life Insurance.  After doing due diligence, it was a no brainer.  It has performed better than planned for the four years we have had the policy.  The cash flow it will create is right on target.

Herman R

Playa del Rey

The ‘Be Your Own Beneficiary’ Life Insurance has performed well since I have owned it.  The 9.7% tax free cash flow certainly beats the banks.  Thank you for educating us.

Louis and Diana W

Harbor City

John Hradesky is a consummate professional who is not only extremely informative, knowledgeable, and honest, but gracious and caring too.  John has given me sufficient information and confidence to begin restructuring my future financial situation so I feel my wife and I will continue to have enough income for our later years.  One product which my wife and I believed we could not use because we thought we were too old is the life insurance policy.  During a presentation John stated some information which shattered my stereotypic beliefs in life insurance.  I leaned forward mouth agape, asked John to restate his information, and had an epiphany at that moment.  Oh John, where were you  10-20 years ago?

Lee W. 

Santa Monica, CA

In our financial dealings with John, we have found him to be knowledgeable and sincere.  John had recommended two annuities to us ten years ago.  Our annuity provides us guaranteed income for both of our lives and the income increases each year when the S& P Index increases.  The other annuity keeps increasing in accumulation value and we keep taking penalty free withdrawals from it.  We are pleased with John's recommendations and service.

Howard and Sally S. 

San Clemente, CA


I was referred to John Hradesky by my CPA.  He listened carefully to my needs and goals.  John chose the most beneficial investments for me.  John takes his job very seriously in that he wants what is best for his clients.  He takes a true interest in his clients, making sure he advises them in the manner that will help them achieve their financial goals while meeting their needs as well.  It is obvious John enjoys his job and is passionate about making the right choices for his clients.  On a recent airplane flight, I sat next to a man who is a financial advisor.  I thought here's my chance for a second opinion!  I briefly told this man about my financial situation and what John had recommended.  The man told me he would have recommended exactly the same thing!  I trust John to make the right recommendations for me as well as any other clients.  He makes sure you know you are important to him.  I would recommend John without hesitation to any looking for assistance for their financial needs and investments.

Stephanie D.F. 

Buena Park, CA


After accepting John's recommendations to become knowledgeable in Fixed Indexed Annuities, I was educated to make financial decisions and the outcome is that I now have a financial life of certainty, no anxiety and the income keeps rolling in.  In fact, it is beyond my expectation that the account value has not decreased.  John's recommendations have met my needs and expectations.  I have turned my attitude around 180 degrees regarding Fixed Indexed Annuities.  I changed from a naysayer to an advocate, thanks to John's persistence and guidance.

Randy and Claudette W. 

Tustin, CA

Thank you so much for the sound advice and placement of our assets.  You helped us preserve principal and assure growth.  You are the authentic, genuine article!  Earl and I felt from the start that you focused on our best interests.  And we are most grateful. 

Karen Jo G. 

Laguna Woods, CA

We are amazed that the switching strategies regarding Social Security existed without our knowledge.  I even work for a major CPA firm and no one has ever mentioned it.  The $35,000 to maximize our Social Security benefits is almost unbelievable since one of us has already filed.  Thank you very much.

Nina and Alan M. 

Encino, CA

Two years ago I invested $98,000 into Fixed Indexed Annuities and today I have $126,000 in my income account and $117,000 death benefit.  It beats getting low returns or losing money in the stock market.  This will be converted into guaranteed income for life in the future.  This was the best financial decision I have ever made.  Thanks for educating me.  Great advice.

Craig 0. 

Torrance, CA

The conservative retirement planning workshop is really helping people.  The conservative model really makes a difference minimizing one's losses when the market declines.  I have several clients who would benefit from the concepts.

Hal B., CPA 

Culver City, CA

I lost my job a couple of years ago.  I had always contributed to my 401(k) so I had quite a lot in that account, but I really had no idea of how to use that money.  Then along came John Hradesky.  Since I was not accepted by long term care insurance providers, he found an annuity for me that will really help cover the cost should I need long term care.  Then John found that I could convert part of my regular IRA to a Roth and get a bonus from another annuity that will cover the cost of the income tax I have to pay on the Roth conversion.  I have always found John to be very helpful and accessible.  I am happy that I met him and have him on my side.

Pat A. 

Culver City, CA

The workshop has given us a breath of fresh air.  It has introduced us to strategies that give us confidence we will achieve our retirement goals.

Stephanie and Jerry H. 

El Segundo, CA

John has been my adviser for14 years. I have done multiple insurance transactions, both buying and selling and have profited very well.  The Fixed Indexed Annuities have grown substantially.  The Long-Term Care policy which I was hesitated to buy has proven to be a breath of fresh air.  It has been a pleasure dealing with John over the years.

Jerry and Margaret R

San Clemente

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