To be recognized as the premier industry leader in tax free retirement planning and preferred provider to our prospects who want to minimize their taxes. 


Our Mission is to provide strategies and products to achieve client’s retirement goals and dreams.  The ultimate overarching goals is to be anxiety-free and have peace of mind during retirement.

The deliverables are:

  • Provide guaranteed income retirement plan that achieves Essential Living Requirements (Home, food, medical, transportation) and Lifestyle Living Requirements (vacation, cars, cruises, hobbies.)
  • Provide options to have increasing income through retirement.
  • Achieve safety of client’s principal, as a result, never lose money in the stock market and retain your gains annually.
  • Creates tax-free income for life.
  • Minimizes taxes.

Strategies to achieve the above goals:

  • Reduce your taxes or be in a bracket close to zero while in retirement.
  • Create tax-free income for life.
  • Convert 401(k)s and IRAs to tax free income without paying taxes from your pocket.
  • Convert 401(k)s and IRAs to Roth IRAs without paying taxes from your pocket.
  • The above will mitigate the threat of doubling your taxes due to paying off the National Debt.
  • Provide guaranteed income for life.
  • Our strategies of providing tax-free income are compliant to IRS code.


About Us

Our Client Focused Approach is unique

You’ve spent your whole life defining your idea of the perfect retirement, and you’ve worked each day to save for it.  Now it’s time to ensure you can live your retirement the way you’ve always dreamed.  What personal goals do you have for yourself?  We are dedicated to providing the best information and guidance for your retirement and financial future.  We’ll always explain the pros and cons of everything because we believe in an unbiased, transparent approach to help you can make smart decisions.  We focus entirely on your wants and needs, giving you complete attention and treat you with respect.  Read about some of our life experiences.  We feel like a family here, and hope that you’ll feel the same when we meet!


Values. It's why our clients choose us:



We focus 100% on your needs and wants.  We provide you with complete attention and treat you with respect. 

We are Comprehensive

We work with you on an individual basis.  Our advice is individualized and not a cookie cutter.  If we cannot provide our recommendations, we will refer you to a capable firm.

We are Experienced

Experience is the outcome of collective knowledge and skills through years of practice that is required  to provide you the required solutions in your best interest.  We have 18 years of experience in tax free retirement planning and follow-through.

Experience isn't expensive, it's PRICELESS.

We provide Transparency

We believe in complete transparency which means you will be able to know anything and everything you will need to make a decision, i.e., costs, fees and any limitations or constraints.


We provide Value

We provide you value.  Value is the benefits you receive verses the costs.  It is the benefits which far exceed your costs.

We provide Accurate Information

Comprehensive accurate, client information is one of the guiding principles that we were founded on.  Continuing information, no matter what your expertise level, is a critical component of smart financial management.  We’re here to help support you in that process.  The education will enable you to make clear and concise decisions without support from an unknowledgeable and biased third party.