“You worked hard, you saved your money, now let us show you how to maintain your lifestyle.”


John L. Hradesky, P.E., M.S.

Founder of Tax-Free Retirement Specialists.  

John is a specialist in legal tax strategies and advanced insurance concepts.  He defines himself as a tax strategist because his focus is based on forward thinking strategies which is opposite of a CPA who looks backwards over the past year.  Forward focus strategies can create double digit multiple tax savings as compared to an annual tax savings.  He emphasizes paying taxes on the seeds (similar to that of a farmer) and not on the harvest.  His specialties separate him from other CPAs, financial planners and insurance agents in the same way a brain surgeon separates his specialty to that of family doctors.  The level of education and experience is what allows them to be elevated in their field of expertise.

John provides clients with safety of principal which means no risks, guaranteed income for life, and tax-free income for life.  In addition, he converts IRAs and 401(k)s to tax-free income without paying out-of-pocket for taxes, when feasible.  These strategies provide tax-free income that has the potential to have double digit yields.  In addition to developing customized plans for retirement with the latest cutting-edge strategies, he hosts informational workshops that are open to the public and educates via multimedia content and through his website.

John has also shared his substantial experience as a contributor to “Remarkable Retirement,” a financial textbook, subtitled ‘Conversations with America’s Leading Retirement Experts and Financial Advisors’ published in 2017.  Through his chapter on tax-free retirement and his client-related experience, John offers strategies for mitigating common retirement mistakes such as running out of funds, losing money in the stock market, paying too much taxes, failing to compensate for inflation and unreimbursed medical care for long term care services.

John has been in the financial services business for 18 years.  In addition, he has founded the National Summit Group, a consulting and training firm for manufacturing and service firms for 23 years.  His clients won the Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award twice, Boeing's Presidential Award, Hewett Packard’s Most Improved Supplier and Outstanding Supplier Award, Sharp’s Most Improved Supplier and eight other awards.

John was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year for Orange County, California in 1990.  He was nominated by Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch and Inc. Magazine.

John graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology.  He was President of Alpha Pi Mu, an Honorary Industrial Engineer Fraternity and a Distinguished Military Graduate.

His prior years were spent working for General Motors, Eastman Kodak, Xerox, American Hospital Supply and Johnson & Johnson from engineer to Vice President of Manufacturing.

He served in the US Army as a Company Commander and Prosecutor in Summary Court Marshals.  He is a Vietnam Veteran.

CA License #: OD61321

Education, Memberships & Service


B.S. in Industrial Engineering the University of Pittsburgh.

M.S. in Applied Statistics, at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Company Commander and Prosecutor for Summary Court Marshals – U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran.

As an author of a wide range of articles regarding productivity and quality, and as a frequent speaker at professional societies.  He has been a guest speaker at Dr. Deming’s seminar, and was frequently a panel member with Dr. Deming at Deming User Groups.  Mr. Hradesky is also a member of the American Society of Quality Control.



The author of the “The TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK”, published by McGraw Hill in 1995, best selling book in it's category.  This book is the new benchmark for Total Quality Management implementation.


Author of the “PRODUCTIVITY & QUALITY IMPROVEMENT” textbook published by McGraw Hill in 1986, and a best selling book in it's category.  This book is the practical guide to the implementation of Statistical Process Control.

John was also a contributing author for the "Remarkable Retirement book."  He wrote exclusively on the topic of tax-free retirement.


As a frequent speaker at professional societies, he has been a guest speaker at Dr. Deming’s seminars, and was frequently a panel member with Dr. Deming at Deming User Groups.  Mr. Hradesky is also a member of the American Society of Quality Control.