Risk and Tax Free Retirement Income For Life

Tax free Retirement Specialists provides financial solutions focused on risk free vehicles, i.e., products that do not lose money which the stock market loses value, tax free strategies, tax free income, guaranteed income and minimized taxes through a detailed retirement planning.  Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio, Mr. Hradesky spoke of his role in implementing the strategies employed by the wealthy and powerful to help everyday clients not to lose money when the stock market goes down.  While a majority of brokers focus on accumulation of assets, this can often lead to higher than necessary risk, as well as fees, when trying to attain retirement goals.  Funds in the stock market are always at risk to the Sequence of Returns.  Sequence of returns is the volatility of the market.  In a down market, when one is withdrawing income and losing money at the same time, the risk of running out of money is significantly high.

The strategy to mitigate this risk is to follow the Rule of 100.  The formula is 100 minus your age and that equals the amount that should be at risk.  When one reaches 60 or more, depending on your investment risk, some investors place 100% of their money in safe positions.  It is a myth that the stock market is the best vehicle for growth.

Mr. Hradesky’s approach involves creating a plan that provides guaranteed income for Essential Living Needs, including medical care, food, a home, and transportation.  Once guaranteed income for life covering both spouses has been achieved, then excess assets can be comfortably positioned in safe vehicles to be utilized to grow the portfolio.  These vehicles offer sign-up bonuses and have multipliers that provide 175% credit for every dollar earned from index accounts.  For example, if the vehicle earned $10,000 based on the index methodology, the account would be credited $17,500.

Inflation risks are mitigated by using vehicles that will increase with inflation markers or with the stock market.  The bottom line, financial peace of mind is achieved.

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This section will show how you can secure your financial retirement. You will see the choices you have and the strategies utilized to achieve the results you desire.

A critical chart to review is the ‘Income Comparison between 401(k), 4019K) Roth and Be Your Own Beneficiary Policy”. The difference is surreal, but true.

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Strategy without planning is the slowest route to victory.
Planning without strategy is the noise before defeat. - Sun Tsu

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Learn about costly retirement pitfalls posed by today's economy and how you can plan to retire with confidence.


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Learn safe money strategies to maximize spendable income and protect money from market downturns.


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